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Does your insurance company pay out for water damage caused by blocked or leaking gutters?

Updated: Jan 16

Most home owners consider gutter clearance as a regular maintenance routine for there home. This not only ensures that you protect your house from water related damage but eliminates your chance of having a large repair bill to pay!

As we have been experiencing large amounts of rain recently, I felt that I should highlight the fact that damage caused by blocked or leaking gutters may not be covered by your home insurance. This means the cost of repair, is your responsibility.

What compare the market say:

"Gutter damage can make home insurance claims tricky. Most policies exclude damage that’s occurred over a long period of time, like a slow leak.

If damp has caused damage because of poorly maintained gutters, your insurance provider may reject your claim."

Churchill say:

“Poor upkeep could also seriously affect your claim if the insurer decides that maintenance would have prevented the problem from occurring. That’s why you need to keep your home in tiptop shape, giving it a full MOT after the winter months especially, checking for blocked gutters and loose tiles on the roof.”

What confused.com say:

"One of the big exclusions for home emergency cover is that it doesn’t cover wear and tear.

So, to stay covered, it pays to keep your house in good order.

  • Clear your gutters and drains every now and again."

At J.K.Aidan Cleaning Services ltd we carry out a full inspection of your gutters and downpipes, checking for leaks, blockages and any damage, we do this with our camera and pole system or using a ladder if necessary. We then report back to the customer on what is required and then provide a quote for any work that is required.

We can supply you with dated written proof that we carried out the work and if requested at the time of the quotation period, before and after photos can be provided to show the work was completed properly.

For more information on our process and pricing, see here.

Get in touch via the contact us option or give us a call on 07513 370505 for your free quote.

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