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Who am I?

Good question, thanks for asking!

I'm Keir Hughes, owner, founder or Director. Whichever you choose to call me, it's much more glamarous than what I actually do! More on that later though. I'm 39 years old, I'm lucky enough to be partner to my lovely fiance Hannah and father to my son, Zach.

I spent the first few years of my life in Germany, having been born there due to my father serving in the armed forces. After returning to England I spent time in Essex, Norfolk and Cheshire before finally settling in Colchester around 5 years old. I've live in various parts of colchester, including but not limited to; Shrub end, Greenstead, Highwoods, Ipswich Road, New Town, town centre, Mile End, Lexden, Stanway, Fordham, Alesford, Elmstead Market Monkwick and a few others that I can't think of right now! So i'm pretty familiar with all of Colchester and surrounding area's.

We moved to Ipswich during my last year of school but I commuted on the train to remain at Sir Charles Lucus in Colchester. After leaving school and a brief time in Manchester I decided to return to Ipswich before finally moving in with a friend in Highwoods, Colchester.

Apart from a few months working in Manchester, I had no other permenant jobs. With that in mind I applied for wilkinsons, a shop in the town centre, as a christmas temp. It was great fun, working with people my age, getting a weekly wage and not a care in the world. My brother had always worked in the care sector and advised me of a job becoming available at his place of work. I decided to go for the interview, which comprised of the question "how are you with p**s and s**t". Not the question I had expected but "not my favourite but I'll cope", was my reply! So, I worked there for a few years before doing some agency work. I worked in various hospitals around Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk before working at a regualar place on London Road, colchester.

It was called the I.T.S (intensive therapy service) and it had a reputation as having quite difficult patients. This was a fact but the staff there were amazing and i spent 17 wonderful years working with these people for the NHS. But things changed, oppurtunities were scrace and I

felt myself stagnating, just going through the motions which in turn bored me senseless. I needed a challenge and I needed it soon.

I thought about many business idea's but pressure washing was something i just kept coming back to. I mean, how hard could it be? Point the lance, pull the trigger and clean stuff. Simple right? Well, apparently not. The more I researched, the more methods of cleaning I discovered; hot water, cold water, steam, soft wash, reach and wash system. More products I could use to clean; hypo, bio, EBC, sealer, coating, degreaser, acid, bleach, chemicals. More things I could clean; decking, render, roofs, boats, caravans, heritage stone, grafitti, signage, shop fronts - the list goes on. That's when I realised I was heavily, mentally invested in this because all that stuff started to make sense!

This is where it all really began. Thanks for taking the time to read, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. Look out for more blogs soon including how I got started, the equipment hunt and my first few jobs.

Thanks again


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